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Squamish Community Performance Indicators

The Squamish 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP) is guided by five core goals. These goals represent community ambitions expressed during the OCP update process and build upon the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of Squamish.

The District has defined and is tracking a series of Community Performance Indicators related to each goal to measure progress towards (and away from) identified OCP objectives and targets.

Explore individual performance indicators below to see the community’s progress, and learn about performance measures and why we’re monitoring them. Historic data and other relevant information is provided where available.

Progress for each indicator highlights whether community performance is either ‘On Track’ or ‘Off Track’, and reflects performance relative to defined objectives and targets. Where interim or near term targets are defined, performance is assessed firstly against these near term objectives and conditions. Specific progress for individual indicators also considers overall performance trends, and applied activities and initiatives. Indicator targets are sourced from legislative commitments, as well as specific community plans, policies and strategies - such as the Squamish2040 Official Community Plan, Council’s Strategic Plan, the Multi-modal Transportation Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Squamish Zero Waste Strategy, and Squamish Child Care Strategy among others.

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